Verses The Inevitable is looking to push the limits of the blues rock genre

Verses The Inevitable is a rock band out of Denver, Colorado originally formed in June of 2015 by Daniel Hertel. Verses The Inevitable features a blending of musical genres including rock, blues, americana, jazz, and funk. The band members include Daniel Hertel (Vocals/Guitar), Mad Dog Friedman (Harmonica), Alex Tyler (Lead Guitar), Jeremy Johnson (Bass), Gary Howard (Drums), Will Snyder (Keys), and Braden Rauen (Fiddle). The band’s first studio album All Debts Paid is the Mile High Blues Society Nominee for Best Self Produced Album of The Year and is being sent to Memphis, Tennessee to compete in the category against albums from around the world. Verses The Inevitable is truly carving out its own genre, and is becoming a significant force in the Denver music scene.